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Study the assigned curriculum — both Parts 1 and 2.
Submit your essay (or your contracted alternative), which must include thoughts on both parts of each module.
Your peer exchanges are due two days after your essay is due.
The essays are designed to be meaningful exercises of self-exploration (reflections) rather than busy work (summaries).

The practice of philosophy is a major goal of your essays and exchanges. This practice promotes and supports independent, creative and original thinking. 

Essays Due by 11:00 PM on Wednesdays

Your essays need to be a thoughtful “journal-like” reflections.
Essays must address both part 1 and part 2 of each module’s curriculum.
A good reflection is one that I could not have read before. This is because it is the essay that only you could have written — due to your unique set of life experiences.

Taking notes while studying academic writings and videos facilitates critical thinking and deeper engagement. This, in turn, makes writing the essays less time consuming.
Difficulty understanding is most often the result of a lack of focus, rather than the difficulty of the material.
Checking and answering text messages, having the TV on, or trying to study with other people around prevents you from focusing. These distractions are not conducive to understanding anything deep and profound.
This video has an introduction that is too long. If you want to skip it, you can start listening to Needleman at about 4:50 into this video.

Discuss the importance of Jacob Needleman’s philosophy, especially in regards to its Socratic approach.
Understand the importance of the “the power of attention” in Needleman’s philosophy and understanding of life.
Present Needleman’s understanding of the important role dialogue, questioning, and self-knowledge play in philosophy as a way of living ethically.

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